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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (also known as ‘emotional quotient’, or EQ)  can  be defined as the ability to identify and manage one’s emotions and the emotions of others. The process of emotional intelligence is important as it promotes strong communication with employees, allows for productive teamwork, and encourages an overall healthier and more focused work environment.

Case Study (I)


Funmi has worked in the Finance and accounts department of her organisation for the past 10 years, steadily rising through the ranks. Recently she got promoted to the position of Financial Director of the South-West region. As soon as she assumed this new position, Kevin her coworker and friend of many years, began to act strangely towards her. Before the promotion, they enjoyed a warm rapport but now, Kevin is cold and icy. He won’t talk to her or even look in her direction. At lunch, he sits with his back to her and at meetings he acts all arrogant and rude if she ever directs a question his way. For reasons Funmi doesn’t understand, her former friend resents and treats her with contempt.

Afraid of exacerbating the situation, Funmi responds to Kevin’s cold shoulder by equally avoiding him. She begins to dread going to work with trepidation over situations where she and Kevin might have to work together. One day, Funmi walked by Kevin and Chuks (another long standing Manager) ’s office and overheard Kevin casting aspersions on her person, ‘Funmi is a disaster waiting to happen, what does she know that she was promoted above the rest of us? I could run the department more efficiently even with my eyes closed.’

Funmi felt her blood rise as her ears become hot, she yanked the door open. Kevin recoiled immediately but still with a defiant look on his face he questions her barging into his office. Funmi immediately launches into demanding an explanation for what she just heard and surprisingly Kevin retorts to explain in details what he meant by her deplorable level of leadership. This riles Funmi beyond reason as she believes she’s condoned and tolerated Kevin’s excesses long enough. What ensues is a shouting match between them with neither backing down, Funmi insisting that as the boss of Kevin, the onus laid on Kevin to shut up and hear her out. Kevin on the other hand also had a point to prove that regardless of her new status, she couldn’t throw herself around and lord it over him. By now, people had gathered inside the small office, observing what was happening, some trying to wade in to alleviate the situation, some turning back probably to inform others of the once-in-a-career-lifetime event that shouldn’t be missed. Whether it was in a bit to wield authority or as a result of aggravated emotions, Funmi brings the situation to a crescendo by landing Kevin a slap……

  1. What do you think would be Kevin’s most probable reaction to the slap and what would be Funmi’s fate after that?
  2. Argue for and against Funmi. Tell this story from the point of view of the junior colleagues/onlookers


Check out this link to learn more about emotional intelligence…eatures/emotional-intelligence



Case Study (II)


A stressed man was in his office thinking deeply. Suddenly one man ran inside shouting “Peter, Peter your daughter Tonia just had an accident and died”

Shocked and confused, He jumped out of his office through the window. As soon as he does, he remembered his office is on the 7th floor, as he descends lower, he remembered he doesn’t have a daughter called Tonia, still descending he remembered he’s not even married. Just two floors before he hits the ground, he remembered his name isn’t even Peter…!